The Land of the Serengeti, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro...

Tanzania provides exciting, adventure-packed attractions, Big five, bird watching, mountain climbing, lodge options, and much more to allow you to experience the unforgettable, exciting wildlife adventure. 

And, One-Way Tours & Safaris will take you to the heart of Tanzania; where a wide array of wildlife roam freely in their natural, unspoilt habitat and flourishing eco-system.
The company offers a unique selection of Tanzania wildlife safaris that enable our guests to experience the exclusive wilderness of Africa as well as the uniqueness of the vibrancy of unspoiled nature


See Tanzania through the eyes of a Tanzanian.

Travelers often say that you appreciate a country most when you see it through the eyes of someone who lives there. It's true.

We are were born and raised in Tanzania - and thrive on introducing travelers to the natural beauty and wildlife of our native country. We maintain a mental map of Tanzania's backroads and hiding places ...and have super-sharp spotting abilities.

Where do we go?

Tanzania has everything to offer to every traveller from beautiful beaches to the highest point of Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro to Lake Victoria - one of the Great Lakes and Africa's Best National Park - Serengeti... Tanzania has a wide variety of eco-systems - nine in Tarangire National Park alone.
Below are some of the most popular safari attractions in Tanzania. So, don’t miss it!


Beautiful Landscapes

The beauty of Tanzania can hardly be overestimated. It has literally everything: a wide variety of ecosystems, beautiful beaches, mountains, woodland, savannah plains...Come and see with your own eyes.


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